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Portrait of Hegel in his study, 1828

Lithograph on heavy paper, some small tears and bumps at edges, sheet size 435 x 325 mm, print size 380 x 285 mm, foxing and spotting noticeable particularly in the margins, still a strong and powerful likeness of the philosopher, unframed.

Ludwig Wittgenstein – Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

First edition in English of Wittgenstein’s early masterpiece. Ogden and Ramsey’s translation is printed in parallel with the German text which had been published in an obscure journal as ‘Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung’ the previous year. Arguably the most important philosophy book of the twentieth century. This is the first issue of the first impression, without any publisher’s advertisements at the end.

Immanuel Kant – Critik der reinen Vernunft. Riga: Hartknoch, 1781

First edition of Kant’s greatest work, the Critique of Pure Reason, widely considered the most influential book in philosophy since Aristotle. Warda 59; Adickes 46. ‘Kant does, I must say, make writers like Locke and Berkeley, and indeed Hume, excellent though they are, look to me rather like amateurs’ (Sir Geoffrey Warnock in Magee, The Great Philosophers, BBC Books, 1987, p. 187).

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