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Hilary Putnam & Paul Feyerabend – an exchange of 5 typescripts

An nice exchange between two major 20th-century philosophers, whose obvious liking for each other could sometimes turn to irritation.

Five draft typescripts, with Feyerabend’s note on the first page of Putnam’s original article, also notes by Feyerabend in pen to his first comments and a typed correction to his ‘Rejoinder’, light wear, especially to Putnam’s final one-page comments:

Putnam: Three-Valued Logic (1957, mimeographed draft typescript, 8 pp.).
Feyerabend: Some Comments on H. Putnam’s Paper ‘Three-Valued Logic’ (carbon, Sept. 3 1957, 2pp.).
Putnam: Comments on Feyerabend’s “Comments” (Sept. 3, 1957, carbon copy of typed pages, 2 pp.).
Feyerabend: Rejoinder to Putnam’s “Comments” (Sept. 4, 1957, carbon copy of typed pages, 2 pp.).
Putnam: Comments on “Rejoinder” (Sept. 4, 1957, carbon copy, 1 p.).

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