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Martin Heidegger – Die Kategorien- und Bedeutungslehre des Duns Scotus, 1916

Signed by the author. First edition of Heidegger's Habilitationsschrift, 'The Categories and Theory of Meaning of Duns Scotus'. Large 8vo, [viii], 245 pp., original printed stiff wrappers, front hinge with short tears top and bottom, covers darkened towards edges and with slight show-through where a bookplate was once glued inside front cover, a crack down the spine but textblock still tight, title-page inscribed 'Vom Verfasser, M.H.', a very good copy, entirely unopened.

‘We have too long assumed (on the later Heidegger’s misleading suggestion) that this is a youthful work lacking direction, with no intrinsic connection to Being and Time. On the contrary, the most direct and vital connection exists between Scotus’s account of the intuition of singularity (haecceitas), Thomas of Erfurt’s grammatical modes (modis significando), Husserl’s categorial intuition, and the young Heidegger’s notion of “hermeneutical intution” of the fore-theoretical forms of meaning that “live in life itself”‘ (Sean J. McGrath, ‘Heidegger and Duns Scotus on Truth and Language’, Review of Metaphysics, Dec., 2003, Vol. 57, No. 2, pp. 339-358).

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