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Plato – The Commentaries of Proclus on the Timaeus, 1820

The Commentaries of Proclus on the Timaeus of Plato, in Five Books; containing a Treasury of Pythagoric and Platonic Physiology. Translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor. London: printed for the author, 1820.

First edition. ‘Taylor the Platonist’ (1758-1835) was a prolific translator of and commentator upon Greek philosophy. His translations of Plato (5 vols, 1804) and Aristotle (10 vols, 1806-12) were the first respective Works editions published in English. Under the patronage of wealthy friends, notably William Meredith, Taylor was able to spend the latter part of his life translating lesser-known works from the classical world. It is said that Taylor and his wife were so steeped in antiquity that they conversed at home only in classical Greek. They lived for many years at the South London address given on the title-page. Taylor’s translations and commentaries were particularly influential in America.

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