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Ludwig Wittgenstein – numerous autograph comments and corrections on an offprint

Stapled offprint in original plain paper wrappers, 160mm x 235mm, 40 pp., Wittgenstein’s pencilled annotations in German faintly on the front wrapper and clearly on 12 pages, a further 16 pages with a mixture of his question marks, wavy lines, deletions, underlinings, exclamation marks, etc., the offprint with a slight vertical crease, otherwise in very good condition, housed in a protective cloth case. Numerous autograph comments and corrections in an offprint of Ludwig Hänsel’s essay ‘Wertgefühl und Wert’ [lit. Value-feeling and Value], Wiener Zeitschrift für Philosophie, Psychologie, Pädagogik, Band II, Heft 3, 1949.

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